Are you still relying on traditional telephone lines to service your restaurant or retail store ?

These lines are

  • limited by the number of lines or services you bring in. You have 3 lines – thats a maximum of three calls you can make or receive.
  • Expensive – with some companies paying almost $50 per line plus calls

There is a better solution – VoIP (Voice over IP).

This uses your existing internet connection and has the following advantages of a traditional phone service

What Hosted Business VoIP can do for you !

Work From Anywhere Work From Anywhere

You can manage multiple restaurants or retail store locations and mobile workers on different devices.  Each location can be setup as a phone extension – this means calls between locations are free. Stay in complete control and manage costs with one simple monthly bill, you no longer need to reconcile multiple phone bills.

 Call Routing & Hunt Groups Unlimited Lines

The number of calls you are restricted to, is limited purely based on the number of handsets you have. You no longer need multiple phone numbers on a rotation dialer – one sigle number can be dialler unlimited times and can either be picked up by handset or go to a voicemail.

 Call Routing & Hunt Groups Call Routing & Hunt Groups

Distribute calls to any fixed, mobile of IP destination. Improve call completion rates with intelligent routing, send calls to the most appropriate store, restaurant or person, based on skills, least occupied, least idle. Set up your calls based on factors that enable you to route calls in a way that delivers an enhanced customer experience.

 Voicemail Voicemail

Every VoIP extensions receives voicemail with many options for managing your voicemail messages. Return messages quickly with timely voicemail prompts by text or email.

 Call Recording Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls and gain access to every interaction with customers. Soon you’ll be amble to improve the consistency in how calls are handles by your employees. You’ll also have access to vital information for resolving disputes.

 Voicemail To Email Voicemail to Email

When you can’t answer the phone, send your voice messages to either your email address. This allows you to receive your messages anywhere you can get your email – mobile phones, tablets, PC’s.

 Auto Attendants / IVR Auto Attendants / IVR

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. Eg – Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for support.

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