Or how we ensure you stay OPEN

Leveraging our 25 years of experience in the IT Managed Services field. POS Advantage is your goto company for all things Point of Sale.

POS Advantage have a range of support options

  • PoS Review and Recommendations Audit
  • Fixed Price unlimited remote support plans.
  • Schedule onsite Reviews and Maintenance.
  • Prepaid Block Time
  • One off Emergency Support

We do this by loading a small management agent on your equipment. This agent allows us to

  • Monitor your equipment for such things as imminent failure of components – including hard drive, memory, motherboards. This will allow us to resolve any potential critical issues in most cases prior to them becoming a problem resulting in outage for you.
  • Monitor software issues including corruption, additional software laded or potential virus activity
  • Perform Operating system patches and security patching on the equipment.
  • Finally if need be we can remote into your system for more complex issues within minutes

Imagine – you have an outage – in most cases we will be automatically notified and can remote in and resolve the issues within minutes.

All this is fully tracked within our ticketing system – you are kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

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