At the core of the OPERA enterprise solution is our premier property management software, the OPERA Property Management System (PMS). Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain, OPERA PMS provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs — handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating in-house guest needs, and handling accounting and billing. The property management software is configurable to each property’s specific requirements and operates in either single-property or multi-property mode, with all properties in a complex sharing a single database. OPERA Property Management Systems is fully integrated with OPERA Sales and Catering, OPERA Gaming and Comp Accounting, OPERA Vacation Ownership System, OPERA Quality Management System, and the OPERA central systems — ORS, the OPERA Reservation System; and OCIS, the OPERA Customer Information System.


Reservations: OPERA Reservation features are integrated with other functionality such as profiles, cashiering, and deposits. This property management software module offers a complete set of features for making and updating individual, group, and business block reservations, including deposit handling, cancellations, confirmations, waitlisting, room blocking, and sharing.

Rate Management: The OPERA Property Management System offers an extensive set of features for setting and automatically controlling rates, for rate quotation, and for revenue forecasting and analysis to create the most comprehensive rate management system in the industry. OPERA’s property management systems interface with the OPERA Revenue Management Systems and other major yield management applications.

Profiles: OPERA’s property management software also provides profiles – complete demographic records for guests, business accounts, contacts, groups, agents, and sources. Profiles include addresses, phone numbers, membership enrollments, stay and revenue details, guest preferences, and additional data that make reservations handling and many other activities faster and more accurate.

Front Desk: Arrivals and in-house guests are served using the Front Desk features of our property management software. This module handles individual guests, groups, and walk-ins, and has features for room blocking, managing guest messages and wakeup calls, and creating and following up on inter-department advisories, or traces.

Back Office Interface: Revenue transfers, market statistics transfers, daily statistics transfers, and city ledger transfers can be easily made from OPERA Property Management System to a back office system.

Rooms Management: OPERA Property Management System’s Rooms Management features handle all facets of room supervision including availability, housekeeping, maintenance, and facility management. The Queue Rooms feature of the property management software coordinates Front Office and Housekeeping efforts when guests are waiting for rooms which are not immediately available for assignment

Cashiering: Posting guest and passer-by charges (including taxes and other generates), making posting adjustments, managing advance deposits, settlements, checkout and folio printing are a few of the many activities handled by OPERA Cashiering. Cashiering accommodates multiple payment methods per reservation including cash, check, credit cards, and direct bill. In multi-property environments, guest charges can be cross-posted from any property in the hotel complex.

Accounts Receivable: AR is fully integrated with the OPERA Property Management System database and includes direct billing, invoicing, account aging, bill payments, reminder and statement generation, and account research. Old balances from external accounting systems may be entered.

Commissions: OPERA’s property management software also offers integrated features for calculating, processing, and following up on travel agent and other types of commission payments, either by check or via EFT.

Reporting: OPERA offers over 360 separate standard reports. Reports can be customized for each hotel and new reports may be created as needed using OPERA’s built-in Report Writer.

Fully Configurable: Choice of OPERA features, system behaviors and priorities, and system-wide defaults are controlled by the property. User permissions determine which property management software features may be accessed by each user and user group. Many OPERA screens may be customized by the property.

Global Perspective: OPERA Property Management System supports multi-currency and multi-language features to meet the requirements of global operations. Rates and revenues can be dynamically converted from the local currency to any other currency. The appropriate language for guest correspondence can be automatically determined by the guest’s profile language; country-specific address formats are supported.

Hospitality System Interfaces: OPERA PMS includes interfaces to hundreds of third-party hospitality systems including yield management, telephone and electronic switching, TV and video entertainment, key lock, restaurant POS, activities scheduling, minibar, and wakeup call systems.

OPERA Xpress: OPERA Xpress offers a scaled-down edition of our property management systems for smaller properties or properties offering limited services. Based on the core OPERA property management software product, properties may choose the features they want from a menu of product options.