RES 3700 is a unique series of integrated applications that includes Point-of-Sale, Enterprise Office, Restaurant Operations and Corporate Applications. RES 3700 helps you build success through every level of your enterprise, from making sure each customer gets the right order on time to controlling prices, menus, and profits on a chain-wide basis. And it is scalable so it can serve your needs whether you’re a neighborhood restaurant or a worldwide chain.

The ruggedized and powerful MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale system is designed for optimized speed of service and enhanced guest experiences. Beyond all standard POS functions, MICROS 3700 POS offers a vast range of functionality for process optimization and increased level of service and guest satisfaction.  Its intuitive user interface leads even untrained staff through the selling process – driving up revenue by increasing the average guest ticket through suggestive up-selling prompts.

The standard configuration includes the following

Case management functions:

  • Table management
  • Scheduled price management
  • Scheduled (de-)activation of articles
  • Freely configurable automatic discounts on e.g. quantity, price, a combination of quantity and price or articles and article groups; semi- or fully automatic
  • Connection to liquid drink dispensers
  • Free definition of article groups / report groups
  • Simple configuration of articles (SLU groups)
  • Freely configurable tracking down to article level for highly detailed controlling
  • Create menus including automatic information display of ingredients
  • Waste module
  • Conversational Ordering Module (COM): an innovative module that has been developed with the aid of psychological research. The ordering process at the POS is completely aligned to the ordering process of the customer. COM allows your staff to easily change menu items without the need of time-consuming cancellations. COM displays alternatives or menu items that have not been ordered yet.
  • Smart keys for clearly laid out displays
  • Integrated system control for cancellations
  • Comprehensive reporting (more than 150 default reports)
  • Hand-held support with full POS functionality
  • Control of digital menu boards

Optional functionalities:

  • Control of kitchen display systems (KDS) to optimise order and food preparation processes
  • Time and attendance
  • Alert Manager to alert employees to events in the restaurant
  • And more…

The MICROS 3700 POS system complies with fiscal and legal regulations, such as the PCI-DSS standards for secure credit card payments.

Open architecture that grows with your needs:

  • Designed to run on Microsoft® Windows®
  • Provides high performance and flexibility, easily integrating with OPOS-compliant peripheral hardware including printers, cash drawers and pole displays
  • System grows as your operation grows, allowing you to add workstations, new stores and applications easily
  • Maintenance-free, relational database for Sybase®, a leading provider of embedded database solutions for high-volume, transaction-oriented environments

MICROS is a your single-source provider of perfectly aligned hardware and software ensuring quick implementation and smooth running of your IT systems.