The days of slow Internet are gone!

We partner with most providers including

  • Opticomm
  • NBN
  • Openetworks
  • First Path
  • Telsta
  • Optus
  • TPG
  • AAPT

It’s Time for a Change with our High Speed Internet Services

Not happy with your Internet service? We can help.

POS Advantage can supply high speed internet and connections using NBN, ADSL, SHDSL, Metro Ethernet and Fibre links. We aggregate all of these connections into our data centre to offer you the fastest speeds at competitive pricing.

Can we get you a better deal and save you money over your existing broadband service, both improving your uptime and speed? The answer is probably yes!

Let us perform a free broadband analysis and inform you of your options. Perhaps now is the perfect time to review your entire organization’s data and voice plan, save some money and connect your remote offices and users, all at the same time.

IP VPN Services

A lot of restaurants and retail stores have branches located in cities throughout Australia. Today it is increasingly important that all your offices, remote workers and partners have easy and secure access to up to date information.

POS Advantage can design, implementing and managing IP based VPN’s. We can connect all your stores or restaurants either directly through our aggregated backbone or via an IP VPN

Key Features Include;

  • Fixed Pricing
  • Operational Cost Savings.
  • Security
  • Scalability

What to know more