POS Advantage started in 1992 as a Computer Reseller and over the last 25+ years has gained experience in the Micros industry. Our services include

  • Micros POS Support – all devices
  • Materials Control Support
  • Opera Property Management System Support
  • Internet and Office / Site to Site Connectivity
  • Telephone
  • Remote Support and Programming

We understand the real time needs of our Hospitality clients and have invested heavily in an infrastructure to support it. The infrastructure includes,

  • 24 hour, 365 day comprehensive support to our hotel and food service industry customer
  • Remote support and Monitoring using installed Agent technology- More information on how we do this here
  • In-house network for testing and problem solving;
  • Helpdesk support in case of break-down to minimize down-time;
  • Dedicated service personnel on call round the clock;
  • A software team to take care of any special property specific needs;
  • A network of business-partners for specialize services e.g. structured-cabling, etc.

Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us ? There are many reasons why you should partner with POS Advantage. These include

In Business Since 1992 In Business Since 1992

POS Advantage started life as a System Integrator back in 1992. Thats almost 25 years – in the technology industry that’s several lifetimes. The company has been around a long time and still has the same owner.

Connectivity Connectivity

POS Advantage is a wholesale partner with many providers. As a wholesale partner we can negotiate some exception price point due to our interconnects with these partners. As well as Voice we can connect remote office to your head office without ever going out to the internet.

Clients Clients

POS Advantage clients include both larger restaurant chains as well as small individually owned restaurants. We will customise a solution that will fit your requirements

Market Leading Technology Market Leading Technology

Our service blends market-leading technology from Oracle, Cisco Systems, IBM and third party SIP based applications. This means we can provide the best, reliable technology and tailor it to your business immediately.

Full Solution Centre Full Solution Centre

Given our beginnings as a System Integrator, we have a wide range of experience and skills. We can help you with not only your telephony, but also your connectivity and network infrastructure also. We can work with your inhouse or outsourced IT and speak their language.

No Long Term Commitments No Long Term Commitments

We don’t tie you up with long term contracts on your POS Support, telephony or hosted PBX. Our business model is based on a recurring revenue stream, which means it’s in our best interest to make sure your experience with us exceeds your expectation.

Free Trial Free Trial

POS Advantage provides a free trial of our services allowing you to experience the service prior to making your decision. The trial includes full support and advice.